09 July 2011


In a year there are likely to be about 100 shark attacks but luckily it comes out with less than 10% of reported fetal.And another fact tells that about the 80% of the shark attacks happen in US.
There are about 350 different kinds of sharks but it is good for everyone to hear that only 30 of them are dangerous to humans. There is a debate among them which kind of shark is more dangerous to humans. The three main contenders are:

The great white: They are big and about 3-4 m  but they have been known to be measured over 7 m in length.They attack seals and mistakes peoples.It has the bite force of 1800 newton.
Great white shark
The bull shark: They aren't as big as great whites they often attack preys big than themselves and to make the situation more dangerous they tend to stay near to the sea shore.
Bull shark

The tiger shark: These tiger sharks comes in length up to 3 m in length.They will eat almost anything and named tiger shark for its stripes like those of Tigers. Some stranger items for sharks have been found inside the stomach of these predators like chicken coops, deer antlers.
Tiger shark

The ancient shark the Megalodon shark died about 1.6 million years ago.Only their tooth measured 21 cm  and jaws were 2 m wide and had favorite food whales.
Tooth of a Megalodon

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