15 July 2011

The Art From The 16th Century

The Art from the 16th century and still is respected any where in the world. The Creation of  world popular Leonardo da Vinci. The oil on poplar painting of Mona Lisa seems to gaze at its viewers. The woman in the painting is Lisa Gherardhini  who was the wife of the wealth businessman in Florence. If history is to be believed Leonardo started this painting in 1503 and it took four years for its completion. One strange thing about this masterpiece painting is that is was not so well known till the 19th century. It is fact that oil paintings have progressed a lot in this century but having such masterpiece in 15th century is not the thing to be ignored because of its popularity. According to argues the landscapes at the back are said to be inspired from Chinese paintings.

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Year: 1503-1519
Dimensions: 77 cm * 53 cm (30 in * 21 in)

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