15 July 2011

The Art From The 16th Century

The Art from the 16th century and still is respected any where in the world. The Creation of  world popular Leonardo da Vinci. The oil on poplar painting of Mona Lisa seems to gaze at its viewers. The woman in the painting is Lisa Gherardhini  who was the wife of the wealth businessman in Florence. If history is to be believed Leonardo started this painting in 1503 and it took four years for its completion. One strange thing about this masterpiece painting is that is was not so well known till the 19th century. It is fact that oil paintings have progressed a lot in this century but having such masterpiece in 15th century is not the thing to be ignored because of its popularity. According to argues the landscapes at the back are said to be inspired from Chinese paintings.

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Year: 1503-1519
Dimensions: 77 cm * 53 cm (30 in * 21 in)

12 July 2011


There is a difference between poisonous and venomous.Poisonous have poison on their skin and body but venomous inject venom. Poisonous creatures have poisons on their body to protect themselves from predators and it is created on their body by chemicals they excrete from their glands. Actually scientists cannot tell how effective the different poisons are until they test them on humans, so any volunteers??

Whatever the difficulties scientists have figured out the most poisonous creature and that comes out from where you expect very less but this is the world full of surprises.

Guess who might hold the title?
It is not snake,spider,scorpion they all are venomous but secreting poison and becoming the most poisonous creature in the world yet.The most poisonous creature in the world yet is the Golden poison frog(phyllobates treeibilis ) This tiny creature contains milligrams of poisons in their skin that can kill or knock you down unconscious at you touch it. This milligram og poison is enough to kill 20 adult humans. Anything that eats will die apart from only one type of snake but even that runs through harsh conditions of health once it eats this creature. In South America where these frogs comes from the hunters use to smear its poison near the tip of the dart to kill their hunt but one strange things they are not poisonous in captivity and they get their poison from eating another creature but no one knows what creature that is.


In US -  Whaley house. Built in 1856 it is home to ghost of Thomas Whaley and two of his children.
In San Diego -  In Australia, it is Monte Cristo.New South Wales, built in 1844 and haunted by old Mrs Crawley, a maid and a baby girl.

 The Worlds most famous haunted house was Borley Rectory built on the site of an old Benedictine monastry in 1863, sightings of ghostly  phenomenon were reported from around it in 1885 other phenomenon such as phantom coach and horses, footsteps, poltergeists activity and wall writing were  experienced  by various inhabitants over there. On a research of this mystery there were some 2,000 reported  incidents took place between 1930 and 1953. And it was mysteriously burned down in 1939 so what stopped the spooky spot now. 


Friends do you know how fast we are spinning together with earth? It's enough for you to make dizzy on listening. We are spinning through the space with the Earth at the speed of 1,600 km/h. If it suddenly stops or starts spinning fast then we would be thrown out into the space but don't worry Earth wouldn't spin 800 times faster than it does now for it to happen.  

WAIT!!!!                                                                                     Then why don't we  fall off the Earth. Here are some of the  reasons why this does not happen because all of us are held to Earth by the gravity. Well it's the general theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein which explains  that any mass creates a disturbance in  space and it generates a field of gravity which is directly proportional to the  mass of the object. So always the smaller object revolves the bigger objects as Moon revolves and Earth revolves the Sun. It also depends on the distance that separates them from the center. 


A fact from scientific research stated that human beings once must have been cannibals because most of us  have immunity from such diseases that was not possible without eating human brains.

but some people really did eat human flesh.

  • The Fore  tribe of Papua New Guinea used to eat flesh of their dead ones until 1957, when brain disease known as 'kuru' and it was discovered by passed on eating human brains.
  • Aboriginal peoples in Australia used to eat parts of their dead ones in a ritual ceremony which had of believe that the dead ones will live in them.
  • There's evidence of Native American cannibals in Colorado about 850 years ago. Scientists figured it out by the cooking pots, remains of the bones and fossilized human poo.
  • Some disasters have  sometimes leaded to cannibalism: in 1972, the survivors of a plane crash in the Andes were forced to eat the frozen bodies of the dead.  

11 July 2011


The best gift ever gifted was  gifted by France to United States of America. The gift was The Statue of Liberty. Which is still standing today. Weighing 225 tones and standing from the pedestal to the tip of the torch is 305 ft and 6 inches. It has become very special tourist attraction places in United States. Better to say that may be very less people those who go to United States and does not hopes of visiting The statue of Liberty. It has been known and symbolized as the symbol of freedom to all the people  all over the the world. It was first opened in             1986 July.It has also been said that  this was gifted by the people of France that The Statue of Liberty was gifted for the freedom of the people of France. The torch symbolizes the freedom to the people.The torch is the symbol of freedom.Statue of liberty has become the most  precious gift and most unforgettable gift ever.


Commonly peoples build bridges over the sea,rivers so that it will be easier to cross them.But here is completely different reason for the construction of the worlds highest bridge.Construction began October 10,2001 and first thought to be finished four years later.But constructing the bridge at the height where no bridges have not yet met make engineers face new engineering  challenge it the construction if the bridge that the schedule of the construction went extended by the weather conditions.The reason to built this bridge is to reduce the traffic of the city which was disaster.The total length it runs is 2,460 meters,has 4 lanes to run and is 32 meters wide.It reaches the height of 343 meters which is the most for any bridges ever constructed here on earth.The Le Viaduc de Millau (the native name for the bridge) was opened in 14 Dec 2004.If you ever visit France, then you must take time to see Millau Viaduct. It is an extraordinary feeling to take a look at one of the world’s titleholders.Not only the bridge is at the tallest of the world ,the pylons are there too.

It just a little bit taller than the Eiffel tower in Paris.Look at the view it provides to the nature lovers.It it just great.And it is worthy of gaining the title of one of the best places of the world.


 Is it a some kind of a temple or what.The stones line up with the sunrise at midsummer and sunset at midwinter, so perhaps people worshiped at sun god. It has been standing there since it have been made by our ancestors.
Two types of stones were used there at Stonehenge smaller comes from  wales and weighs about 4 tonnes each. The  bigger stoned comes from about 380 km away and 30 tonnes each. The stoned were brought to shape from hammering and probably took years to transport them there.

This ancient henge were built in three stages:

  • The first Stonehenge was a circular earth bank about the of 110 m across with a ditch around it, made by stone age people around 5000 years ago.
  • Later the wooden structure was made.
  • Stonehenge was completed in around 3,600 years ago during the Bronze age.


    Babies don't dream much more than adult, and not only because they sleep a lot more they can have 8 hrs of REM sleep at a time.Actually if don't dream you could never fly with wings or meet your favorite movie  star.No one knows why actually why and what do we dream but there have been some theories reasoned for a persons dream:

    • Dreams happens for no reason at all .Your brain just clicks over while you are asleep and random things come out which do not mean anything at all.
    • Dreams express emotions that you have been bottling about and it works out for at least try to.
    • Dreams are the Gods speaking to you. Many of our ancestors believed that  many of our the answers to their questions were given to you at your sleep time as dream if you are lucky enough.
    • The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud thought that the dreams were what the person wish and imagine to happen or what we secretly wish for,even when we pretend they are full of symbols with hidden meanings.

    09 July 2011


    Cockroaches are everywhere in the world and they were here from the period when the dinosaurs ruled the planet,so think they are in our world or we are in the world of Cockroaches. Well ten  main things that you need to know about the ruler of the world Cockroaches are:

    • They have six legs and at least 18 knees,
    • Their blood is white,
    • They can hold their breath for 40 minutes,
    • Their are more than 5,000 species of these small ruling creatures,
    • They can run as fast as you can walk or 5.5 km/h,
    • A crushed Cockroach helps healing the wound but you would not want to try this at your home,
    • They almost eat everything and some of them are cannibals,
    • They are not found only at the poles of the Earth,
    • The world's biggest Cockroach yet recorded was of 15 cm long and the length of it's wing measured the length of 30 which was from South America.
    • What passes for a Cockroaches brain isn't concentrated they are distributed throughout the body of these creatures.


    In a year there are likely to be about 100 shark attacks but luckily it comes out with less than 10% of reported fetal.And another fact tells that about the 80% of the shark attacks happen in US.
    There are about 350 different kinds of sharks but it is good for everyone to hear that only 30 of them are dangerous to humans. There is a debate among them which kind of shark is more dangerous to humans. The three main contenders are:

    The great white: They are big and about 3-4 m  but they have been known to be measured over 7 m in length.They attack seals and mistakes peoples.It has the bite force of 1800 newton.
    Great white shark
    The bull shark: They aren't as big as great whites they often attack preys big than themselves and to make the situation more dangerous they tend to stay near to the sea shore.
    Bull shark

    The tiger shark: These tiger sharks comes in length up to 3 m in length.They will eat almost anything and named tiger shark for its stripes like those of Tigers. Some stranger items for sharks have been found inside the stomach of these predators like chicken coops, deer antlers.
    Tiger shark

    The ancient shark the Megalodon shark died about 1.6 million years ago.Only their tooth measured 21 cm  and jaws were 2 m wide and had favorite food whales.
    Tooth of a Megalodon


    Every one wants to be rich.You too want to be rich. There are people in the world who might be your Role model.Earning huge amount of money from different ways. Some earn from their companies and some have their own software companies. Some of richest persons in the world and their source income are listed below.
    Warren Buffett
    Bill Gates
    Carlos Slim
    List of 10 richest person and their source of income

    08 July 2011


    Cloud and Dust galaxy
    No wonder that everyone in this world looks at the sky and starts thinking " How many stars might be out there?" It is a fact that there are much more stars out there in the sky than there are grains  of sands here on 
    Earth. Now think!!

    Out there in the Galaxy which is a huge group of stars they are all held together by the gravity .Some galaxy are eliptical  some are spiral. Among them yet Milky Way galaxy is discovered largest galaxy. Some  hypothesis states that Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years from one end to another and let me tell you one light year is the distance travelled by light in 1 year with the velocity
     of 300,000 km/s. It is eatimated to have 4 billion of stars. It is still likely to see 2500 stars at a time as per angle of our eye. Others are impossible to see from earth without telescope. Containing around 4 billion of stars  is our Milky Way galaxy and it is only one. There are more such galaxies out their than you can imagine.There are 40 galaxies  just in local
    Spiral galaxy
     group and after that there are lots of them. The nearest one from us is Andromeda Galaxy which is 4.6 light years away.


    Of course there are faster and fastest creatures with respect to their travelling speed, reactions and other senses. but when the context is of fastest in reaching speed. Everyone takes the name of the Cheetah for the speed bur really it isnt....
    Some of fastest creatures are:

    • Peregrine Falcon- It reaches upto 320 km/h while it dives down to catch a prey.
    •  The white throat spine-tail Swift has been recorded reaching 112 km/h.
    • Cheetah asembels the top speed of 112 km/h.
    • Fastest Bird on land- Ostrich 72 km/h.
    • Fastest marine mammal- Killer whale 55 km/h.
    • Fastest Insect- Dragon Fly 57 km/h.
    • Fastest Flying mammal  Big Brown Bat 25 km/h.
    • Falcon
    • Fastest Human- Tim Montgomery 36.8 km/h. 


    In the middle ages people built which is impossible to built again even with the latest technologies of building so thats why everyone called them the wonders of the world today they are just written in the pages of history.

     Ancient Wonders:

      Statue of Zeus
    1. Lighthouse at Alexandria -(destroyed by earthquake c. 1300s) It was about 120 m , This was the world's tallest buildings at the time it was built.
    2. Colossus of Rhodes -(destroyed by earthquake c.200 BC )This was the huge statue of the sun god  
         Helios stood in Rhode harbour for 50 years.
      1. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus -(destroyed by earthquake)This elaborate tomb for the  King Mausolus has given the word  Mausoleum.
      2. Statue of Zeus-( destroyed by fire c . AD 460) a 12 m tall gold and ivory statue of the king of gods, whose head nearly touched the top of the temple of Zeus( the site of original Olympic Games)
      3. Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt- The amazing stone tomb of  Pharaoh Khufu has lasted over 4,500 years.
          Seven ancient wonders of world
      4. Hanging Gardens-(disappeared) King Nebuchadnezzar is believed to have had a spectacular palace and gardens with lush terraces and the support of pillars,built as gift for his homesick wife.
      5. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-(destroyed by Goths in AD 262 ) an ancient Greek marble temple to honour  of the goddess of hunting.


      Oldest tree in the world
      There are many thesis provided for what is the oldest things in the earth. Thats       really confusing and many think those are small organisms but as per fact some are illustrated about what have been here since long before we arrived here:

      • Some bacteria found in 1999 when they are reanimated in in laboratory were found to be 250 million years old. Thats really  really old. If they could only speak they could tell us about the start of the Triassic period.
      • It is called King's Lomatia, A Tasmanian shrub ,has being cloning itself for over 43,000 years. Now you got a reason to think. It doesn't reproduce sexually like most plants so speaking technically its same old plant that have been around indeed for a very long time.
      • An Eucalyptus tree found in Australia  is estimated to be somewhere 13,000 years old 
      • Comparing with these even the oldest lived animal seems to be a mere baby which has a record of 220 years old.