12 July 2011


There is a difference between poisonous and venomous.Poisonous have poison on their skin and body but venomous inject venom. Poisonous creatures have poisons on their body to protect themselves from predators and it is created on their body by chemicals they excrete from their glands. Actually scientists cannot tell how effective the different poisons are until they test them on humans, so any volunteers??

Whatever the difficulties scientists have figured out the most poisonous creature and that comes out from where you expect very less but this is the world full of surprises.

Guess who might hold the title?
It is not snake,spider,scorpion they all are venomous but secreting poison and becoming the most poisonous creature in the world yet.The most poisonous creature in the world yet is the Golden poison frog(phyllobates treeibilis ) This tiny creature contains milligrams of poisons in their skin that can kill or knock you down unconscious at you touch it. This milligram og poison is enough to kill 20 adult humans. Anything that eats will die apart from only one type of snake but even that runs through harsh conditions of health once it eats this creature. In South America where these frogs comes from the hunters use to smear its poison near the tip of the dart to kill their hunt but one strange things they are not poisonous in captivity and they get their poison from eating another creature but no one knows what creature that is.

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