08 July 2011


Oldest tree in the world
There are many thesis provided for what is the oldest things in the earth. Thats       really confusing and many think those are small organisms but as per fact some are illustrated about what have been here since long before we arrived here:

  • Some bacteria found in 1999 when they are reanimated in in laboratory were found to be 250 million years old. Thats really  really old. If they could only speak they could tell us about the start of the Triassic period.
  • It is called King's Lomatia, A Tasmanian shrub ,has being cloning itself for over 43,000 years. Now you got a reason to think. It doesn't reproduce sexually like most plants so speaking technically its same old plant that have been around indeed for a very long time.
  • An Eucalyptus tree found in Australia  is estimated to be somewhere 13,000 years old 
  • Comparing with these even the oldest lived animal seems to be a mere baby which has a record of 220 years old.

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