11 July 2011


 Is it a some kind of a temple or what.The stones line up with the sunrise at midsummer and sunset at midwinter, so perhaps people worshiped at sun god. It has been standing there since it have been made by our ancestors.
Two types of stones were used there at Stonehenge smaller comes from  wales and weighs about 4 tonnes each. The  bigger stoned comes from about 380 km away and 30 tonnes each. The stoned were brought to shape from hammering and probably took years to transport them there.

This ancient henge were built in three stages:

  • The first Stonehenge was a circular earth bank about the of 110 m across with a ditch around it, made by stone age people around 5000 years ago.
  • Later the wooden structure was made.
  • Stonehenge was completed in around 3,600 years ago during the Bronze age.

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