08 July 2011


In the middle ages people built which is impossible to built again even with the latest technologies of building so thats why everyone called them the wonders of the world today they are just written in the pages of history.

 Ancient Wonders:

    Statue of Zeus
  1. Lighthouse at Alexandria -(destroyed by earthquake c. 1300s) It was about 120 m , This was the world's tallest buildings at the time it was built.
  2. Colossus of Rhodes -(destroyed by earthquake c.200 BC )This was the huge statue of the sun god  
       Helios stood in Rhode harbour for 50 years.
    1. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus -(destroyed by earthquake)This elaborate tomb for the  King Mausolus has given the word  Mausoleum.
    2. Statue of Zeus-( destroyed by fire c . AD 460) a 12 m tall gold and ivory statue of the king of gods, whose head nearly touched the top of the temple of Zeus( the site of original Olympic Games)
    3. Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt- The amazing stone tomb of  Pharaoh Khufu has lasted over 4,500 years.
        Seven ancient wonders of world
    4. Hanging Gardens-(disappeared) King Nebuchadnezzar is believed to have had a spectacular palace and gardens with lush terraces and the support of pillars,built as gift for his homesick wife.
    5. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-(destroyed by Goths in AD 262 ) an ancient Greek marble temple to honour  of the goddess of hunting.

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