11 July 2011


Babies don't dream much more than adult, and not only because they sleep a lot more they can have 8 hrs of REM sleep at a time.Actually if don't dream you could never fly with wings or meet your favorite movie  star.No one knows why actually why and what do we dream but there have been some theories reasoned for a persons dream:

  • Dreams happens for no reason at all .Your brain just clicks over while you are asleep and random things come out which do not mean anything at all.
  • Dreams express emotions that you have been bottling about and it works out for at least try to.
  • Dreams are the Gods speaking to you. Many of our ancestors believed that  many of our the answers to their questions were given to you at your sleep time as dream if you are lucky enough.
  • The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud thought that the dreams were what the person wish and imagine to happen or what we secretly wish for,even when we pretend they are full of symbols with hidden meanings.

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