09 July 2011


Cockroaches are everywhere in the world and they were here from the period when the dinosaurs ruled the planet,so think they are in our world or we are in the world of Cockroaches. Well ten  main things that you need to know about the ruler of the world Cockroaches are:

  • They have six legs and at least 18 knees,
  • Their blood is white,
  • They can hold their breath for 40 minutes,
  • Their are more than 5,000 species of these small ruling creatures,
  • They can run as fast as you can walk or 5.5 km/h,
  • A crushed Cockroach helps healing the wound but you would not want to try this at your home,
  • They almost eat everything and some of them are cannibals,
  • They are not found only at the poles of the Earth,
  • The world's biggest Cockroach yet recorded was of 15 cm long and the length of it's wing measured the length of 30 which was from South America.
  • What passes for a Cockroaches brain isn't concentrated they are distributed throughout the body of these creatures.

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  1. a cockroach can live for weeks with it's head cut off