11 July 2011


Commonly peoples build bridges over the sea,rivers so that it will be easier to cross them.But here is completely different reason for the construction of the worlds highest bridge.Construction began October 10,2001 and first thought to be finished four years later.But constructing the bridge at the height where no bridges have not yet met make engineers face new engineering  challenge it the construction if the bridge that the schedule of the construction went extended by the weather conditions.The reason to built this bridge is to reduce the traffic of the city which was disaster.The total length it runs is 2,460 meters,has 4 lanes to run and is 32 meters wide.It reaches the height of 343 meters which is the most for any bridges ever constructed here on earth.The Le Viaduc de Millau (the native name for the bridge) was opened in 14 Dec 2004.If you ever visit France, then you must take time to see Millau Viaduct. It is an extraordinary feeling to take a look at one of the world’s titleholders.Not only the bridge is at the tallest of the world ,the pylons are there too.

It just a little bit taller than the Eiffel tower in Paris.Look at the view it provides to the nature lovers.It it just great.And it is worthy of gaining the title of one of the best places of the world.

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