11 July 2011


The best gift ever gifted was  gifted by France to United States of America. The gift was The Statue of Liberty. Which is still standing today. Weighing 225 tones and standing from the pedestal to the tip of the torch is 305 ft and 6 inches. It has become very special tourist attraction places in United States. Better to say that may be very less people those who go to United States and does not hopes of visiting The statue of Liberty. It has been known and symbolized as the symbol of freedom to all the people  all over the the world. It was first opened in             1986 July.It has also been said that  this was gifted by the people of France that The Statue of Liberty was gifted for the freedom of the people of France. The torch symbolizes the freedom to the people.The torch is the symbol of freedom.Statue of liberty has become the most  precious gift and most unforgettable gift ever.

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