05 August 2011


  • The  only word in the world that still is pronounced the same even afters its last for letters are removed is 'Queue'.
  • In English definitions the word 'SET' has the most definitions!
  • 'Rhythm' is the longest word without any Vowel.
  • 'ORANGE' do not have any rhyme.
  • Only word ending with 'mt' is 'DREAMT'.
  • 'UNCOPYRIGHTABLE' is the longest word you can write without repeating any letter.
  • The longest word you can write with using only left hand
  • 'TYPEWRITER' is the longest word you can write using the top rows keyboard.
  • 'DEEDED' is the only word from using only two words each used three times.
  • Count from 0-999 and you will found every vowel except 'a'. You have to count to thousand to find 'a'.
  • H,I,O and X are the only letters that look same even after turned upside down or looked from behind.

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