06 August 2011


Australia is one  place in this world that can be also said to be just another. The reason behind this may be that is really in different environment in southern hemisphere.There are really exotic creatures like Tipan snake,Kangaroo,Emu etc.It has not been a long when humans first steeped  into this places. The  place in image
is the Sydney opera house,New south Wales.This place perhaps has the most iconic image that is recognizable in world.
In June 28 this opera house was listed in UNESCO
world heritage site.It was also the finalist for the seven wonders of the world.The opera house is used for the
shows, dramas and use as a theater for recordings etc.
There is a survey that it has over
200,000 visitors as guided tourists per year.It is also said that it took seven years to build the model and seventeen years 
to finish the actual building.It is therefore a one of the best places to visit in this world

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