06 August 2011


The tallest building on earth.Standing 818 meter, the world's tallest building, is ready with the building due to open on January 4, 2010. It is surrounded by 11 hectares of ground with refreshment park and fountains.This massive building is kisses the sky , reaching a length in sky of approx. one kilometer.Total budget for this construction is $ 2 billion except excluding the maintenance they have installed unmanned cleaning system which regularly cleans 24,348 windows of the tallest building . This cleaning system is developed in Australia at a cost of $ 8 million. Jan 4th was the when it was opened to the public to explore this height..The burj has 160 floors and took 23million man hours. Dubai is coming up such great surprises in constructions .13,000 workers from many countries put effort in building Burj Dubai to complete the project which was started in March
 view from the tallest building. 2005. The below image is another view of Dubai from the burj.Dubai was not like this just 50 years ago.

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