16 August 2011


  • Trekking maybe undertaken for only one place or an area at a time.
  • Trekkers should follow the route prescribed for them by the Department of Immigration.
  • To trek along the routes that are not prescribed may create serious problems regarding security, food and accommodation.
  • It is advised to arrange trekking through the registered trekking agencies to prevent oneself from any unseen accident which may occur any time during the trekking period.
  • While trekking it is advisable to take only authorized guide and porter.
  • Be careful with the matches around wooded or grassy areas.Forest and grass fires can cause serious damages.
  • Be most economical with all fuel,specially regarding local firewood. Use minimum fuel for hot showers and discourage camp-fire.
  • Trekkers are strictly forbidden to cut any green forest resources and to kill any wildlife.
  • Give preferences to lodges and trekking companies that do not use firewood and encourage their efforts to conserve the environment.
  • Use washing and toilet facilities that are provided or if non available  make sure you are at least 30 meters away from water resources. Bury excreta and toilet papers and use biodegradable toiletries. 
  • Support measures to reduce pollution and improvement of the environment.

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