13 August 2011


I can bet that you have heard about happenings to the world in  2012. So what do you think will happen then. Do you think Earth will really come to and end in 2012, isn't that very soon for you? Well it all starts with the peoples of Mayans and their calendar that has gone to everyone's mind and set as a sure end of the Earth. So who were the Mayans to plan to ruin your beautiful vacation or any other special occasion going to be conducted in 2012. Why to believe in them? and How can they so accurately predict the dooms day at Dec 21 2012.
Incredibly advanced mathematics calculation of long ago disappeared civilization of Mayans still shocks scientists today. Their pin point accuracy have never gone wrong yet. The reason to predict the Worlds end in 2012 Dec 21 is because the calendar made by the people of Mayans has this date as their last so what else to think of guys? And to scare you more, till today they are not proven wrong and have built incredibly advance structures in that time of 800 BC which modern man cannot. We know for sure that  this on Dec 21 2012 the Sun perfectly lines up with a massive black hole or a Dark Rift. This rare Galactic alignment happens only once in every 25,800 years. So just  taking these two prophecies among many about 2012 Dec 21. The one who really knows about the incidents to happen in 2012 Dec 21 now is time.

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