13 August 2011


  • What do you feel about the Moon when you see it at the full Moon Night?
  • Have you ever wondered strange behaviors of people on a full moon night?
  • All crimes and human influenced evils are more likely to occur on a full Moon Night.
  • Doctors and police reports shows higher rates of lunatic activity of humans and other animals around full Moon Nights.

Its been centuries peoples say "There must be a full Moon out there today". Do you have any idea why. Its all because it is true that moon and the human mind are connected with each other.There is a good  reason  for why there may be more crime out there on the nights of a full moon. All this has to do with statistics of moon, not lunacy of those innocent humans. People are found to be more active during full moons than moonless nights.Surveys revealed that 45 % of college students believe moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors.So we can conclude that the moon has really something to do with the human mind. There are other relations of the moons also that effect the humans excluding the mind. In facts it has its more effect on earth that to any other heavenly bodies. The only one natural satellite of the earth has many things good and bad for both Earth and who lives here. So we cannot ignore the presence of the moon by simply ignoring it to look at any clear weather night.

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