06 August 2011



In the given pictures you may think that the images are of some alien planets.This belongs to our own native land and that our own planet Earth.The place is at Arizona.The very place where many years ago huge alien rock fell and made this massive crater.The crater is named The Barringer Meteorite Crater.The crater itself is almost a mile wide, and 570 feet deep.There are many hypothesizes and many expatiation about how this was formed.Although the fall of the meteor was thousands of years ago know one came into the realizing of it's existence till few centuries ago.The another meteor shown in the picture is one of from the alien heavenly bodies.Around the site there are more than 150 proven impact sites are there. This massive crater was created about 50,000 years ago. Researches show that the meteor stroked the earth's surface at the speed of up to 20 kilometers per second (45,000 mph).With that kind of striking force the meteorite vaporised itself and very little is remained of what it was actually before.This place is one of important part of our history.and also a beat places to be at least once in a life time.

Remaining  of the meteorite

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